Mitahara (Yogic Diet - Style)

मिताहारं विना यस्तु योगारम्भं तु कारयेत
नानारोगो भवेत तस्य किंचित योगः न सिध्यति॥

People who do Yoga without taking Mitahara end up contracting various diseases, but Yoga is never attained.

सुस्निग्धमधुराहारश् चतुर्थांशविवर्जितः ।
भुज्यते शिवसम्प्रीत्यै मिताहारः स उच्यते ॥

Mitahara is defined as an abstemious diet which is inherently sweet (madhura), well oleated (snigdha) and easily digestible leaving one fourth of the stomach empty and eaten as an offering to GOD