Swami Krishnananda Hatha Yoga Vidyapeeth

Yoga is the science of inner self ..... it is pure discipline ..... it is neither a religion, nor philosophy ..... it is direct perception of what is ..... it is a journey into the unknown ..... no belief is needed to enter it ..... just courage to face the truth ..... to enter yoga, one has to drop the mind ..... unconditionally ..... absolutely ..... because mind is past or past projected into the future ..... and yoga is living in the present ..... moment to moment..... with complete awareness. Each one of us has to start somewhere ..... the earlier we start, the more we discover ..... and we cannot discover until we challenge our self ..... start from where you are and get transported beyond the known and the knowable ..... into the unknown.

Namah Shivaye

Students learning Yoga Nidra - Divine Sleep at Inteyoga Mysore India


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