We at Swami Krishnananda Yogashram are charging INR 19,500/- for food and lodging. This does not include Course Fee..  In Fact , as our students perceive, the Course in priceless... invaluable. This word Priceless when tailored down to precise numbers becomes relative. For some a given amount of money can be high price & for others a bit too less. We do not want to restrict anyone from admission to the enriching, Spiritual Experience, just because of scarcity of resources.

Propagating the principles of Swami Krishnananda Ji Maharaj we leave it to the Viveka of our students to indulge.. involve and assess our courses and then honestly contribute to the best of his/her capacity so as to enable us to pursue our Aim and Objectives

FOUR SALIENT Features of TTC HATHA Yoga Therapy

1. Intensive Fully Residential Spiritual Experience
2. Comprehensive Teaching Modules with special emphasis on Internal Yoga
3. Highly Skilled Teachers with exhaustive Knowledge and vast Experience
4. Ethical Earning as per Yogic Tenets.
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