About Inteyoga

Inteyoga Certification for the Yoga Teachers Training Course is most valuable for the aspiring Students from all over the World. The Yoga Training is been Given by World Renowned Yoga Guru at Mysore India. One can Book Online the Courses for Future Classes


Scientific integration of the hatha yoga styles taught by the most authentic hatha yoga schools in India.


Apart from the classical hatha yoga techniques which are a common denominator to all, every school has something unique to offer.
To enable students achieve the maximum benefit from all, an integrated approach has been developed.


Anyone more than 12 years of age can do Inteyoga but Swami Krishnananda Hatha Yoga Shala has for the time being started the classes for housewives, professionals and senior citizens who can add life to years by inculcating the inteyoga wholistic life style.
For those who not only want to inculcate but also propagate integrated hatha yoga life style, we have certified yoga teacher training and advance yoga teacher training course.

Enriching lives with the help of hatha yoga living the principles of Swami Krishnanandaji Maharaj is the sole aim of this budding institution. While on the path the founders faced the dilemma of choosing from the few most authentic hatha yoga schools in India viz.

  • Divine Life Society
  • Bihar School of Yoga (Satyananda Yoga)
  • Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre (Sivananda Yoga)
  • Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhan Sansthan (SVYASA)
  • Kaivalya Dham
  • B. K. S. Iyengar (Iyengar Yoga)
Students Learning TTC Yoga at Inteyoga Ashram Mysore India

Yoga Guru Dr Ashutosh with Yoga Acharaya Kadambari at Inteyoga Ashram Mysore India

Student Getting TTC Yoga Certification at Inteyoga Mysore India

Certified YOGA Instructors at Inteyoga Ashram Mysore India

Student Getting TTC Yoga Certification at Inteyoga Mysore India

After deep and sincere study as well as practice of all these styles, not succumbing to the inner craving for establishing one’s own brand name, we decided to incorporate the various styles of hatha yoga in a scientific manner and introduce genuine students and seekers to an integrated form of hatha yoga, in short called Inteyoga.

The basic principles upon which the WHolistic module of Inteyoga is founded are :-
  1. The ayurvedic definition of health.
  2. Nutrition - The yogic dietstyle (Mitahara).
  3. Purification - Shat Karmas (Shodhanam).
  4. Rejuvenation - Asanas, Mudras & Bandhas (Dridhtam).
  5. Harmonization - Pranayama (Anga Laghavam).
  6. Crystalization - Pratyahara (Sthairyam).
  7. Resolution - Dharana (Dhairyam).
  8. Contemplation - Dhyana (Pratyaksham).

As the journey begins …….our first step is to give our best to the students and seekers who intend to indulge ……Intoxicate …… Investigate …… Inculcate and Propagate the integrated hatha yoga.
To benefit the maximum number of people we plan to provide open general classes, specialized classes, specific courses, and Yoga Alliance certified teacher training and advance teacher training programs at the shala which would be offered to all without a price tag.

ध्यान मूलं गुरोः मूर्ति
          पूजा मूलं गुरोः पदं।
मंत्र मूलं गुरोः वाक्यं
          मोक्ष मूलं गुरोः कृपा॥
ॐ श्री गुरुवे नमः


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