Anatomy & Physiology of Hatha Yoga

Is yoga not based on scientific knowledge?
Is it only a musculoskeletal exercise?
Why should each asana be repeated 2-3 times?
Why should pranayama be done slowly?
Why the kids less than 12 yrs of age refrain from doing retention of breath?
What effect asanas have on cardiovascular system?
How does yoga help in managing chronic psychosomatic diseases?
Do the limbs of Hatha yoga viz. asana, pranayama, shatkarmas, mudras, bandha have substantial scientific backing?
What is shavasana in modern medical terms?
How do kapalbhati...bhastrika help the body?

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The theoretical knowledge is ornated with practical explanation and supported with 3 dimensional teaching aids.

Level - I
Muscular System
Skeletal System
Digestive System
Respiratory System
Circulatory System
Lymphatic System
Level II
Endocrine System
Nervous System
Reproductive System
Uro-Genital System

Medium of Instruction - English
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