Q.Where in mysore is your ashram ?
Our Address is:
Aranya ,Shiroor Farms ,Marasettihalli, Hadajana ,Mysore ,Karnataka ,India
Q.How to reach there ?
a.From Bangalore  airport take Flybus to Mysore (4 hrs).. it costs 850/
b.Board the bus from Mysore city station to Marsatihalli  (no.204) and get down  at Government school.
c.You may hire a taxi (uber) or auto rickshaw from Mysore satellite to ashram (20 min).. it costs 400/.
d.You can hire a taxi from Bangalore airport to Ashram. ..it costs 4000/.

Q.Is it safe to travel by taxi in Karnataka? 
Though it is absolutely safe to travel by taxi in Karnataka but always advisable to travel by City Bus which is far more comfortable, safe , and efficient.

Q.When should I reach the Ashram ? 
You are expected to be at the Ashram one day before the commencement of the course by 4pm.

Q.I am a beginner. Is the course suitable for me ?
The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance....it is the illusion of knowledge.
The module is thoughtfully customised so as to suit and benefit the beginners as well as advanced students.
All those who have sincerity , receptivity, eagerness to learn, enthusiasm, vigour, patience and faith in themselves as well as the yogic science are suitable for this course.

Q.Can I come a few days before or stay a few days more at the Ashram than the stipulated course dates ?
Yes ... provided you inform us in advance.
We charge INR 800/ per day for Food and Dormitory type Accommodation for extra days.

Q.Can I bring my child with me to the Ashram ?
Children more than 13 years are allowed to stay in the respective Dormitory  (gender based) provided they assist in the Ashram activities during the day  time.They are requested to pay INR 300/ per day for Food and Dormitory type Accommodation .

Q.Can I attend the course with my partner ? 
Yes ... but you would be provided with separate Dormitory.

Q.What is the type of accommodation ?
Dormitory  (separate for males and females)
We do not provide single rooms.

Q.Do I need to study anything pertaining to yoga before coming to the course ?
It is always advantageous to have a basic knowledge of the subject before stepping into the course.You are advised to learn online by subscribing to our free online Foundation Course at www.ylearning.org

Q.Can you handle my travel arrangements from Bangalore ? 
Yes ... on request.

Q.What all items should I bring with me while coming to the Ashram ?
Please bring the following articles with you while coming to the Ashram :
1. Photocopy of the passport with valid visa Or Aadhaar card
2. Two photographs
3. A notebook and pen
4. A torch and umbrella
5. Indian currency
6. Mosquito repellent
7.Loose clothing for asana class
8. Two pairs of Yellow round neck T shirt and white lowers
9. Faith, sincerity, receptivity, eagerness to learn, enthusiasm, vigour, patience and courage.

Q.What is the method of assessment ?
The criteria for being declared successful is :
1.Your behaviour towards the fellow participants, teachers ,the staff , other inhabitants of the ashram in and outside the class.
3.Eagerness to learn
4.Courage to face the truth
9.Weekly assessment
10.Surprise tests
11.Final assessment .. (theoretical , oral and practical)

Q.In a batch of 40 students how would I get sufficient support and attention ?
How many people can swim in an ocean  !

Q.What is the daily Schedule for TTC ?
Q.What is the type of food served ?
Vegetarian (no milk) diet
Herbal tea with fruits twice a day
Brunch and dinner at 10.30am and 6.30pm

Q.Do we get weekly off ?
Yes we do give weekly off so that the students can relax, revise the contents,clarify the doubts and also for personal Counselling. But we do not encourage the students to move out of the Ashram for recreational purpose.
Remember it is a course, not a recreational Retreat.

Q.Is there a dress code ?
Yes....yellow round neck T shirt and white lowers for the lectures and loose decent (non revealing) clothing for the asana class.

Q.I am pregnant / have serious health problems / just recovered from an acute illness/ undergone a surgery. Can I attend the course ?
Please communicate with the Teachers through email and apprise us of your limitations so as to enable us to decide judiciously.
Pregnancy itself is an intense course encompassing all the areas of human persona.The blessed woman should instead attend to herself and the little angel in her womb.A pregnant women is therefore advised to attend this course at a later date once she imbibes the sweetness of motherhood.

Q.Do I have to be careful about eating food in India? 
Yes ...absolutely.
Keeping this in mind we do not encourage the students to move out during the entire course and eat only in the Ashram .
Even the water we provide at the Ashram is treated , potable , mineral water.

Q.What is the Cancellation policy ?
Due to some reason if the applicant is not able to attend on the booked dates , he can change it to another dates on prior notice with same booking amount. If at all the applicant wants the money refunded he or she are always free to request.

Q.Do you have laundry facilities ?
Yes...your hands shall Serve the purpose of washing machine.

Q.Is the food served during the course suitable for vegans ?

Q.Can I pay in cash or use my credit card to make the balance payment ?

Q.Will language be a barrier ?
English spoken with love is the medium of instructions. When love is the language then the barriers cease to exist.

Q.Can I skip a class ?
Yes... only if you are sick physically.

Q.Can I take my medicines during the course ?
Yes .

Q.What if I get sick during the course..?Do we have the facilities for medical attention in case of emergency ?
Yes the Lead Trainer
(Dr.K Ashutosh) himself is a qualified medical doctor and is available in the Ashram 24 × 7 × 30 days.

Q.After completing the TTC  can I practise as a yoga therapist ?
The knowledge imparted, if imbibed religiously,can help the successful participants practice as a Restorative Yoga Teacher and help your student
Manage his lifestyle disorder and Restore his health effectively .The recipient of our certificate does not qualify him to practise as a doctor, healer or Yoga therapist .

Q.What Certificate shall I receive on successful completion of the TTC 300hr course ?

Q.What Certificate shall I receive on successful completion of the TTC 200hr course ?