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Yoga Nidra Retreat


The retreat is a journey into the deeper recesses of mind.... Unlearning the Habitual thinking pattern....Generating the Dare to dream unconditionally....Turning the dream into Goal....Tapping the potential to realize The Goal .... enabling the practitioner to Learn, Imbibe and Practice the Scientific Art of Yogic Sleep....
To help them Live Life Dreamsize.

Schedule for Yoga Nidra Retreat :

5.30am : Shatkarma
6.15am : Herbal tea with  fruits
7 -9am : Asana class
9-10am : Yoga nidra
10.30am : Lunch  (Mitahara)
12-1noon  : Lecture
1.15noon         : Herbal tea with fruits
2pm-3pm : Pranayama
4pm-6pm : Yoga nidra
                        Ajapa Japa
                        Antar Mauna
6.30pm            : Dinner
7.30-8.30pm : Kirtan
9 pm : Sleep

Please bring the following articles at the time of joining the Retreat :
1. Photocopy of the passport with valid visa or Adhaar card
2. 2 photographs
3. Loose clothing for asana class
4. A notebook and pen
5. A torch and umbrella
6. Indian currency
7. Mosquito repellent
8. Neti Pot and Neti Sutra
9. Faith, sincerity, receptivity, eagerness to learn, enthusiasm, vigour, patience and courage
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