Prana Vidya Intensive

Introduction for Prana Vidya Intensive :

               ' Heal Thyself through the Self '
Human Body is bestowed with incomprehensible capacity to heal itself.
This capacity is in the form of unfathomable Energy .
This energy lies Dormant in the Pranic body.
The Adepts of the past centuries developed Techniques to tap and control this Potential energy. 
These techniques were introduced to a select human beings for the benefit of mankind in the form of Prana Vidya. 

The tools applied are Bahiranga (external) yoga and Antaranga  (internal) yoga following a Yogic lifestyle in serene surroundings 
(with the facilitators Yogacharya Dr Ashutosh and World champion Mrs Kadambari ).
At Aranya  (The Forest) , Mysore.
To learn how to tap and control the Dormant energy one must have ....
Absolute Faith in the tenets of Hatha Yoga and Raja yoga, 
An unparalleled Compassion to help the humanity and 
A good level of Physical , Mental and Spiritual Health
         'LIFE is but an interplay of energies '
Prana Vidya Yoga Intensive Course at Inteyoga
Yoga Teachers Training Course Mysuru at Inteyoga Asharam

Please See the Eligibility Criteria to Join the Course, listed here